Online Training System

Gear 4

Integrated multi-lingual support and Shopify e-commerce integration into existing online training system.

The application provides test based training for employees in four languages include English, Spanish, French and German.

Technologies used: jQuery, JavaScript, Shopify API


Gear4 creates state of the art cell phone protectors and uses this platform as an e-learning experience for their retail employees. The primary users of this platform are employees of the stores where end users can purchase the Gear4 products.


At the end of each course the user can check out a cell phone case to be shipped to their home. We were able to integrate our e-commerce Shopify code into the existing application to communicate with the Shopify API. Users who then completed the course would then be able to seamlessly flow into the Shopify check out process.


By educating the store employees in how the products stand above the competition, the employees will be able to pass on the education to the customer. Adding an incentive like the free cell phone case gives the employees an extra incentive to complete these courses.