Hi there.
We’re nerds who love building
websites, mobile apps, apis
and pretty much anything else you need

We’re developers building custom websites and mobile app with a passion
for high quality products that solve problems for you and your customers.


Web & Mobile Apps

We build custom software across a variety of platforms including web, iOS, Android, Shopify and WordPress. We develop custom website and mobile app solutions for a variety of clients with unique purposes ranging from complex websites with custom functionality to mobile apps to e-commerce platforms to your basic WordPress website.

Legacy Applications

We understand that not all software is running on the latest technologies and it’s not a small task to jump over to the newest software. That’s why we provide maintenance and updates to your existing legacy software – not matter how old it might be or what language it was written in.

Application Security

In a world of constantly evolving threats your security is our top priority. No matter what size your company is, anyone can be a target of cyber attacks or ransomware. We’ll assess security, make improvements and implement threat protection for your applications.

Data Transformation Services

When you have multiple applications it makes sense for them to talk to each other. We can help your business run efficiently with solutions that integrate your existing applications with each other no matter where they might live – in the cloud, on-prem or within other third party services.


What we’re about

We’re nerds. Software is what we do for our profession, and what we do for fun. Not only do we love building great products for our customers, but our free time is often spent building products like garden automation, home lighting and venting control systems, applications to track a favorite tamale vendor, etc. You get the idea.

Our Mission

We’re always learning, but we keep the big picture in mind. In technology, many companies lose time and money by using the latest new thing simply because it’s the latest. We stay on top of these trends, evaluating new technologies as they emerge, and make merit based decisions on which technology products, platforms, and practices to employ, always keeping value as a top priority.

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What can we do for you?

We’re here to understand your business and solve your software problems so you can be as efficient as possible. Send us a message to get started on a new project, ask a question or ask us where our favorite pizza place in town is – we love pizza.

  • Web and mobile application development.
  • Data and application security.
  • Legacy application bug fixes and maintenance.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Pizza recommendations.

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Send us a message to talk about your new project or ask us a question. Use the form below or email us at contact@nordicdev.io